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Barracks/Rugby Road Renovation

Originally we were hired to finish out a basement into a pair of guest suites and convert a first floor master bedroom suite into a library/music room.

The job expanded to include remodeling much of the houses interior and then, working with a landscape architect, convert the yard into a beautiful park-like setting.

On this project, we were fortunate to work with interior decorator, Jan Roden, on the remodeling and landscape architect, Ian Robertson, who provided the landscape design.

Notes From Bill

During the renovation, the owner decided to create a dry patio area for their guests to be located off a basement living room under the existing rear deck.

When we removed the original decking, to increase the decks size and install a new support beam, we installed sloped pans between the joists to divert rainwater into a gutter hidden in the support beam.

In addition, we installed drop down movable screens that allowed the patio to be bug free; the screens are hidden and controlled remotely.

What The Owner Says

“When I tell people that the word which most describes my year-long construction project is “fun” nobody believes me. When I explain that I was able to leave you to get on with the work while I was in London for three months, nobody believes me. But these things are true.”

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