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Lewis and Clark Condo

In 2012, we undertook a condominium renovation in the Lewis and Clark building. The unit had been previously owned by Lydia Gasman, a world-renowned Picasso scholar and artist.

Except for the artist’s work on the walls, the unit was unchanged from 1989. Our client, who had a design background and a bold vision for the space, hired Karen Turner to redesign the kitchen and redo the room layout for the unit. The reconfigured walls helped to open up the main living space and make the bedrooms more private. With an eye towards Tuscany, the cabinets, floors, walls and trim are all warm earthen colors.

Turner said that the redesign of the kitchen “was a real puzzle” and her goal was to screen the sink and appliances from the entry. This illusion makes the living area in the unit seem larger and “more friendly” with the maple cabinets feeling “more like furniture”.

Notes from Bill

After starting the project, we quickly discovered the difficulty of working in a condominium building. Not only were most all the materials taken up, but any demolition debris was also taken down the common elevator, the same one used daily by the dozens of other condo owners. We didn’t just have one client; we soon realized we had several dozen. We must have been successful, because we’ve completed three more projects in the building.

During the demo, we took care to save a drawing that Lydia had done on a sheetrock wall; once the project was completed, we gifted the now framed drawing to our client and it hangs in her living room, to this day.

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