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Cobham Estate Renovation

In 2014, we started a substantial renovation of a classic estate house located in Cobham Virginia. The couple, who were relocating from out of state, hired the renowned designer Jeanette Whitson to orchestrate the changes.

We were discovered through The Scout Guide, a collection of city guides that highlight premier artist, artisans, and entrepreneurs in more than 60 locations nationwide, and asked to come on board as the contractor.

The interior of the home, which had been a rabbit’s warren of disconnected rooms, was rearranged along two intersecting axis’, simplifying the layout into a pleasing and delightful order.

As part of the Scope of Work, we moved the location of the kitchen, took down and rebuilt a fireplace and chimney, opened an exterior wall with multiple French doors, framed an outside porch into mudroom, remodeled all the bathrooms, and added a stone terrace with outdoor grill area.

Many local businesses and artists contributed to the project, work that was one of a kind; Edward Pelton built the custom range hood, Oliva Tile fabricated and installed the marble backsplash and shelving, Albion Cabinets handcrafted the kitchen cabinetry and vanities, and Timbersmiths erected the timbers located in the kitchen ceiling.

Between the creative talents of Jeanette Whitson and our clients demanding eye for quality, the project was a great success. It’s one that we’re especially proud to have contributed to.

Notes from Bill

Many of our projects are done with clients who live outside of Charlottesville, often their second homes. We’re comfortable working with architects and design professionals from other states. The challenge on this type of project is that it requires constant and open communication with all the stakeholders.

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